Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)


This is a link to a page on the Imbali Rhodesian Ridgebacks website on which you will find a page dedicated to Diatomaceous Earth which is an eco-friendly, naturally organic material which can be used as an alternative to chemical wormers.
I started to feed this to my dogs about a month ago but not actually for it's use as a wormer but because it has many other health benefits including aiding mobility. So for this reason I wanted to try it to maintain healthy mobility in my older dogs.
Already I can see an improvement in Ollie who is suffering with the joints in his back legs but I was also pleasantly surprised on checking his ears to see that the ear in which he has had an on-going infection was dry and relatively clean of debris.
I will certainly be continuing with this product and monitoring it's affects amongst my dogs.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Tonight I have put together my first order from Raw2Paw. I have always said to people who enquire about raw feeding that it is as easy or complicated, cheap or expensive as you wish to make it but as a raw feeder who owns a number of dogs and wants to feed them a wide variety of bones and minces, the cost can begin to creep up as each supplier has their own range, minimum order and delivery fee which means that if cost does not become prohibitive, freezer space can. Raw2Paw supply a range of raw foods from a selection of well known companies which enables you to feed a wider range of foods. Prices seem to compare favourably, as does the cost of delivery. On this occasion I have opted for turkey mince, oily fish mince, pork and tripe mince, tripe and duck mince and minced game although there was plenty more to choose from.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Feeding Raw Green Tripe

Below is an interesting article which outlines some of the benefits of feeding raw green tripe...


We have fed our dogs raw tripe for many years and are lucky to have recently found a new supplier who produces a high quality, coarsely minced raw green tripe which I believe has helped to maintain the weight of my dogs during the winter months and has attributed to their healthy condition.
If you are fairly local to Telford in Shropshire, you may wish to contact Richard Aston of Eternalpride Bullmastiffs. Richard also sells boxes of fresh, raw, human grade chicken carcasses.
Richard can be contacted on 07971554974 or through FB search for Richard Aston Eternalpride Bullmastiffs.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Training in Evesham

Last weekend saw the end of the shooting season and Gary and I are very proud of the fact that even at 11 years of age Bronte managed a whole season never missing a day and without injury.We are also thrilled that Ian accompanied Gary each time, making the hour and a half journey from Stoke on Trent and back again at the end of the day, every Friday/Saturday throughout the season and like Bronte, didn't miss a day. Unlike Bronte, Ian did however have a few injuries arising from a succession of falls but luckily, nothing serious.
I am really looking forward to picking up on the shoot next season with Coco who I am sure will benefit from the experience and although Gary and I don't plan to retire Bronte just yet, we both realise that we need to bring one of the youngsters on, so now Gary has to decide whether to take Flash or Winnie... time will tell.
With the shooting season behind us, this weekend saw the first training session of 2014 but 'sods law' I had working commitments which prevented me attending with Coco, however Gary took Winnie, Ian and Jayne took Louie and Gail took Isla to ground in Evesham for a Hunting and Pointing training day on English Partridge. Luckily despite all the recent rain, the weather was dry but by all accounts very windy. Training went well and all three handlers came away with a better understanding of the weaknesses that they have to work on with their dogs. Trainer Chris Guest was very complimentary of Isla and I feel we are going to see some lovely work from this little girl over the summer months.