Sunday, 4 May 2014

German Wirehaired Pointer Club Working Test

This time last weekend Gary and I were just settling down for the evening after attending the German Wirehaired Pointer Club Working Test. Gary ran Winnie, I ran Coco and Ian ran Louie (Gail and Isla were unable to go). We all ran in Novice under judge Jonathan Holmes and for Coco and Louie, it was a first time in Novice after Puppy.
The first two tests proved to be a challenge so Winnie, Coco and Louie were not in the cards on this occasion but none of them failed any of the tests and in fact gained respectable marks on the remaining tests that afternoon.
It was a great day out, lovely ground, the company of some friendly dog people and the opportunity to watch some good dogs working. Well done to the German Wirehaired Pointer Club for organising such a good event.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ollie's Birthday

April saw another cause for celebration... Ollie' s 13th birthday.

Ollie is a grand old chap but in ways quite frail, so we definitely make the most of our time with him. Anyone who knows us at Klancraig, knows that we raw feed and part of our diet is whole bone. Ollie has reached an age where digesting whole bone is not so easy, so we have substituted this with mince containing bone. The upside is that he seems to be more comfortable and is obviously getting all the goodness he needs from this mince, the downside is that we are having to keep a closer eye on his dental health as he is not having whole bone to keep his teeth clean but then scaling his teeth from time to time really isn't a problem.
Happy birthday old boy... and here's looking forward to enjoying a lazy summer with you in the garden.