Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Well it comes to something when I have to sit on the Samsung stand at Crufts to update my Blog!! We have been at Newhouse Farm since the June last year and we are still waiting for Broadband! After waiting for months for Virgin to install it, we cancelled our order in November with an assurance from BT that we would be up and running with them within ten days, ha, ha. They did come out on Christmas Eve and attempt it but apparently further works need to be done on the lines before it can be installed. BT have advised us that work is planned in March but lets just see - so for now its any port in a storm and today that means popping into the Samsung stand!!!
We were here yesterday for Gundog day. Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) and her litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) both won their respective limit classes which was smashing. Lottie really enjoyed the attention she was getting from everyone who came to meet her and was quick to jump up and give everyone a cuddle and a friendly lick on the face in return for a treat!
Helen has attended Crufts on all four days with Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) supporting the Safe and Sound Team. Well done to both Helen and Dilise who by tonight I am sure will both be shattered.
It was lovely to see everyone again at the start of the show season and great to meet up with some of our puppy owners too and catch up on all their news.