Monday, 28 July 2014

GSPA Working Test Little Dalby

What a great day at the GSPA Working Test at Little Dalby with Gary and Ian and Jayne, sadly Gail couldn't enter. The weather was kind to us, hot but with a welcome breeze and plenty of shade. The water was sufficiently challenging for a novice test - slippy entry, plenty of weeds and lillies to swim through and a step up to get back onto the bank. Great hunting too with each dog having separate ground to work and changing wind direction.
Thrilled to say that Coco scored a respectable 80/100 on the day and although she wasn't in in the cards she was joint 6th. She scored 20/20 on her seen retrieve which we thought was relatively straight forward but saw a number of dogs fail, including Winnie who preempted Gary's command and ran in. That said Coco fluffed an easy blind retrieve which I had to handle her onto which goes to show that you never can tell... What do they say about dogs being great levellers!?!
Winnie had a good day on the water, hunting and a 19/20 on her blind but threw it away on the seen retrieve which was frustrating for Gary as she did the whole exercise without fault other than waiting for the okay from the judge to go... All it took was Gary to straighten his back and shoulders and she took it as a sign to get out - just goes to show how quick dogs are to read our body language.
Ian and Louie had another good outing scoring a fabulous 77/100. They completed all four tests well, just dropping an odd mark here and there but with no major errors. Considering that Louie is the first gundog that Ian has trained and worked we are delighted with their steady progress and feel that it is only a matter of time before all their hard work really starts to pay off.
Above all, we all had a really enjoyable day amongst good friends, watching our dogs do what they were bred to do, in beautiful sunshine, on wonderful grounds.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


This is Ted - Klancraig Lord Blackadder - doing what Ted does best:-)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jäger and Otto

Two handsome boys, Jäger (Klancraig Making It Kount) and Otto (Klancraig Apollo). Jäger is Winnie' s son and Otto is her brother.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bruce and Meg

Here are some images of Bruce (Klancraig Hermes) and Meg (Klancraig Lady Kordelia). Bruce is litter brother to our own Winnie and Meg is litter sister to Flash. Bruce runs cani-cross.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tilly - June 2014

18 June - Coco's 2nd Birthday

In June my beautiful Coco - Klancraig Making A Komeback, celebrated her second birthday along with siblings Bella, Jäger and Louie.
This little girl is my constant companion and shadow and a joy to train and work...and she makes my heart melt :-)

7 June - Goodbye to Ollie

7 June was a dark day in the Klancraig household as we had to say goodbye to our handsome, gentle, cheeky old boy Ollie - Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig.
This boy like his sire before him, Fergus - Ch Kimmax No Kompromise For Klancraig - had the most wonderful temperament. He had lived his whole life mixing with entire males and females and was never any trouble. He loved people and anyone who came to our home adored him. Having only been given the thumbs up by the vet a few weeks earlier, we were hoping to enjoy another summer in his company but it wasn't to be.
Run free at The Bridge Ollie Wollie XX

Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig 19.04.2001 - 07.06.2014

25 May - The Hungarian Vizsla Society Working Test

We had a lovely day at The HVS Working Test in June. After a thorough soaking the previous day at training, the weather was dry and bright. I think Winnie had been on the blue smarties as she crashed and burned in the hunting, winding something and going off on a jolly. Then she completely fluffed the blind that on a normal day she would have walked. She redeemed herself on the seen and water but too little too late and so she and Gary were not in the cards.
Gail handled the lovely Isla, first time in Novice for them both and both did very well. Ian took Louie and they gave a very respectable performance. Both of these handlers and dogs are ones to watch in the future I think.
Meanwhile I had a leisurely day spectating with Bronte, as Coco was at home in season.

18 May - Winnie's Fifth Birthday

Winnie was five years old on 18 May. She has matured into such a beautiful young lady, very loving and eager to please and continues to do well with her gundog training with her partner in crime Gary. Hopefully she will make an appearance at one or two shows and working tests this summer and maybe even accompany Gary on the local shoot over the winter months.