Monday, 18 August 2008

Welsh Kennel Club 2008

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig) won second place in Junior Bitch at the weekend under judge Val Fosse. Her litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) owned and handled to perfection by Paul Gardiner took second in Post Graduate Dog.
Lottie went on to win Reserve in the Junior Stakes class which had an entry of 46 (gundog and utility) under judge Mr E Engh (Norway).

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Paignton August 2008

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) won the Junior Bitch class under judge Sandra Marshall. Since I was unable to attend myself, thanks go to Tracy Cartwright for taking Lottie to the show and to Maxine McCullough and Sarah Turner for handling her in her class and the Challenge.

National Gundog Association August 2008

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) took second place in Junior Bitch under judge Pat Dempster. Her litter sister Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) owned by Helen Hinks took Reserve in the same class and their litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) owned by Paul Gardiner was third in Post Graduate Dog.

Call Me Easily Pleased...

I had a really wonderful suprise last night when I left home to pick my daughter up from work. It was dusk and as I rounded the bend in the lane, what should be in the road ahead of me but two stags and a doe! I knew that there were deer in the woods and fields around us but hadn't had the pleasure of seeing any. It really made my day to see such magnificent creaures - my only disappointment was that I didn't have my camera to hand.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Meeting the Neighbours

Today we were lucky enough to meet some of our new neighbours who run the local shoot - apparently our farm house sits smuggly in the middle of it! I was delighted to be asked to join them when the season opens - by all accounts it is a really friendly affair.
Hopefully next time we meet I might be more appropriately dressed, since my neighbours suprised me this morning when I was still in my dressing gown and slippers - living so far out in the sticks I wasn't expecting to meet anyone at that time in the morning!!

Eating stones!

We are relieved to say that Ned (Kobnko Y R Ova the Pond to Klancraig) seems to be well on the road to recovery following his ex-laparotomy after eating a rather large stone which got stuck in his lower intestine!
Fortunately for Ned we realised fairly quickly that all was not right and took him to our vet where an X ray revealed the problem. Luckily, the stone had not damaged the intestine so there was no need to remove any tissue.
Back to his lively self and back on a raw diet (without the whole bone for a while) we just need to build his weight back up now to what is was pre-op.