Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fergus (Ch Kimmax No Kompromise For Klancraig)

Today Fergus would have been 14 years of age. He was such a wonderful boy - a loving family companion, a talented and biddable gundog and a pleasure to handle in the showring.
We miss him every day...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Well if you will have a lie in...

Well if you will have a lie in just because the clocks have gone back, it's only to be expected that us wires will just have to entertain ourselves...

It took ages for Gary to hoover all those feathers up...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Coco (Klancraig Making A Komeback)

Today we had a lovely surprise when our friend Alex Webster paid us an impromptu visit. Alex owns and bred the sire of our last litter - Vader (Layasway Dark Sunrise).
It has been a while since Alex has seen Coco, our Vader daughter but like Gary and I she was thrilled with her.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Dogs R Us Professional Groomers

After a short break away from dog grooming my friend Lisa and I have reformed our partnership Dogs R Us Professional Groomers.

Penny and Lisa sporting their new Dogs R Us fleeces
If you are on Facebook you will find us under Dogs R Us Professional Grooming. It would be great if you could 'like' and 'share' our page - you don't have to be local to Telford to do this but in doing so you will be entering yourself into a little competition which we are running...
When we reach 500 Likes we will pick a name at random and that person will win a hamper full of doggie goodies (fleece bedding, treats, biscuits, grooming products) to the value of £50.
So we look forward to meeting you on Facebook and of course if you are local to J6 of the M54 book your dog in for a top class groom. We are now taking bookings from November.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Louie (Klancraig Make Mine A Double)

Introducing Louie (Klancraig Make Mine A Double) who is owned by Ian and Jayne Saddler and is litter brother to our own Coco - out of Winnie (Klancraig Artemis) and Vader (Layasway Dark Sunrise).

Louie is Ian and Jayne' s first German Wirehaired Pointer and we are thrilled that they have decided to do gundog training with him - in fact they have already attended their first working test. Hopefully Louie will be making an appearance at more working tests in 2014.

A Perfect Weekend

What a busy weekend but what fun we've had! Yesterday was the first day of our shoot so having counted the days down Gary headed off with Bronte and our friend Ian who has never participated in a shoot before.
They had a great day. We did wonder whether Bronte would manage a whole day as she is now eleven but she took it all in her stride. As we expected, Ian was bitten by the bug and is coming back next weekend for another session :-))

Of course this left Ian's wife Jayne and I at a loose end for the day so we decided to take Coco and her litter brother Louie whom Ian and Jayne own,  for a walk up the Wrekin. Expecting rain we were over dressed for the occasion, so after a very hot hour and a quarter  we reached the top, where amidst the clouds the views were breath taking.

Jayne, Louie and Coco at the top of the Wrekin
Of course, the day would not have been complete without a swift visit to our local dog friendly pub where we all compared notes on the day.
Ian and Jayne visited again today, this time to go training with Chris and Peter Guest (Bardantop). I took Coco, Ian and Jayne took Louie and Gail took Isla. Sadly Winnie who would normally have come with Gary, had a stay at home day as Gary took Flash up to the Long Mynd to do some training with our friend Paul Bradley.
What a lovely end of the day but to come home to a Sunday lunch cooked by our daughter Hannah - pork belly, Paddy Ryan's sausages and all the trimmings and then an evening in front of the log burner with a glass of wine :-))

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

We're Back!


After quite a break from our Blog we are back! We have reviewed our website, tweaked the wording, checked the links, added a new addition to the Klancraig household (check the Girls Page and meet Coco - Klancraig Making A Komeback), posted some new pictures and updated the Latest News Page with some information about what we have been up to this summer.
However it seems fitting that our latest blog should be about Bronte, who is eleven this month and looking forward to joining Gary on the first day of the shoot on the 19th :-))