Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tilly's 6th Birthday

Today is our beautiful Tilly's 6th birthday. She is shown here enjoying a cuddle earlier this morning in the sunshine with me.
Tilly is a very big part of family life in the Craig household - with her playful cheeky nature. Without a shadow of a doubt the favourite of our dogs as far as our youngest daughter Megan is concerned.
In 2009 Tilly delighted us with her first litter of eight puppies of whom Winnie was one.
Happy birthday Tilly-tots.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Early Evening With the Dogs

Today we had mixed weather, sunshine and dark clouds. We had a great time with the dogs on the fields overlooking the farm. As usual, we didn't have a camera to hand but took a few impromptu snaps on Gary's phone. Here are some of the pictures of me, Gary, Fergus, Ollie, Bronte and Winnie Woo.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy 4th birthday Lottie Spotty

Today we are celebrating Lottie's fourth birthday. I love all of my wires but must confess that I adore this little girl. At three and a half weeks of age, we nearly lost her and from the day she came home from the vets, it was clear to me that she was never going anywhere - of all thirteen puppies in Bronte's litter, she was meant for us and the choice was made.
To me, she is so easy on the eye and a pleasure to watch whether she is standing with her front paws on the window sill looking out across the fields or whether she is mooching around the farm yard. She has a very expressive face and can convey what she is thinking with just a look and I love her cheeky, playful nature (even if she is fixated on retrieving) and the fact that she is so cuddly too.
So happy birthday Lottie Spotty and love to all your brothers and sisters too. We are very proud of you all xx