Monday, 30 June 2008

Fundraising for the GWPC Rescue

Heather Rose is doing a Sky Dive at Whitchurch on 5 September 2008 and monies raised will go to GWPC Rescue and some to the Samantha Dixon Brain Tumour Trust. So far Heather has about £700 pledged but obviously has to cover the cost of the jump from this. Any sponsorship people will offer is very much appreciated. For further details or to make a pledge contact Heather on

Sunday, 29 June 2008

GWPC Meet the Breed Day

Today was the GWPC's Meet the Breed Day. It was a really enoyable day and for the most part we had good weather... that is right up until the point where they started judging the fun dog show and then the heavens opened and the show was moved inside!
The fun dog show (the proceeds from which went to GWPC Rescue) was well supported. I think this was the highlight of Megan's day - Megan being my eleven year old daughter - who won Most Beautiful Bitch with our black and white girl Tilly (Abbotsbourne Olympia for Klancraig). Megan was thrilled to take first place and delighted with her doggie-goody bag.
There were numerous demonstrations - falconry, working, show, grooming, clicker training and cani-cross. I found the talk which Diana Durman-Walters gave on falconry very interesting. She had taken along a young Barbary Falcon and given it's age chose to give a talk rather than a demonstration. I think it must be spectacular to watch a falcon and GWP working in unison - even more rewarding to be the one working them.

Diana Durman-Walters and the Barbary Falcon.
Pictures courtesy of Sue Rose.

The highligh of my day was winning Maureen and Tony Taylor's homemade Sloe Gin on the tombola... the biggest disappointment was getting half way home and realising that the unopened, catering sized Black Forrest Gateaux which I had been given was still sitting on the counter at Shirland Village Hall!!!!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Windsor Championship Show June 2008

Well, unfortunately we faired about as well at Windsor today as the weather. Although the day started off bright, true to the weather forecasts the showers soon followed and those handling bitches in the Open class felt the first few drops as the rain started.
Lottie behaved herself, stood beautifully and moved with purpose, despite the long car journey and then not really having that much time to stretch her legs before judging. Today was not to be our day however and we exited the ring with a reserve card - junior bitch.
Still we did have one lucky break... I needed three new large dog crates and managed to buy three that should have cost me £172.50 for £140.00 so the day wasn't a complete loss!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Blog Banner

My daughter Hannah (15 years old) designed my blog - hope you like it. She also arranged for the 'banner' design - Lottie, Ned and Fergus - random pictures from our photos at home.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Birthday Boy and Girl

Ned enjoying the sunshine on the Welsh Coast, picture credit - Hannah Craig.

Klancraig would like to wish our own Ned (Kobnko Y R Ova the Pond to Klancraig) and his litter sister Duchess (Kobnko Y R to Footsteps) a very happy second birthday.
Duchess lives in Holland with our good friends Ankie Somers and Marja Barten.
Ned and Duchess were bred by Trish Bond-Beckett of Kobnko Kennels in Australia. See Ned's profile on

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Intimidating Show Judges

I was really appalled to learn that earlier this week Barbara Stamp (Tynsil) who judged GWP's at Three Counties Champ Show on Monday, received an anonymous card (anonymous other than it was signed by 'the Breed') - making sarcastic comments about her choice of Best Of Breed - implying that it was a 'done deal' even before the day.
I have always found Barbara to be a friendly and helpful lady who is fair minded and in my opinion judges the dogs on the day and not the person at the end of the lead. This is why I have always supported her and entered my dogs under her, even though she has never given any of my dogs an award (other than maybe placing them in their class).The correspondence which Barbara has received is nothing short of bad sportsmanship and a spiteful attempt at intimidating her in relation to her decisions at future shows. Fortunately for the Breed, Barbara will I am sure, treat this with the contempt it deserves. Still it shows that certain people in our breed will stoop to any level to get what they want.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Three Counties Championship Show June 2008

Three Counties Championship Show June 2008 - Judge, Breed Specialist Barbara Stamp (Tynsil HPR's) pictured here with Best of Breed Timo II von Bockenhagen at Kimmax and bitch CC winner Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig.

Well we entered Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig) at the Three Counties show but right up until late Sunday night we weren't sure that we would be able to attend. Gary (my better half) was not able to do the 'school run' which potentially meant that I could not go. Fortunately for us, we were second in the ring after GSP's and as such, I didn't have to leave home until after 9am. Unfortunately, we didn't get in the ring until late in the afternoon and as a result, dogs had to endure the heat under canvas on the benches or suffer the heat being walked around the show ground.

Lottie, who has been sparingly shown, made her first appearance of the day in the Junior Stakes handled by Maxine (Kimmax). It's nice to be able to stand back and actually watch your dog perform and Maxine did a fantastic job, right up until the point that Lottie spotted me lurking ringside! Still Maxine's superb handling skills prevailed (despite her being cross with me) and Lottie was awarded a VHC.

Following on from that we took part in the breed classes judged by breed specialist Barbara Stamp (Tynsil). By this time it was extremely hot and I think that dogs and handlers were struggling alike. Nevertheless, Lottie kept it together for me and won her class and then to our sheer delight went on to be awarded the bitch CC at the tender age of fourteen months - what a fantastic achievement.

Congratulations have to go to Maxine and Peter McCullough who made-up their young boy Timo II V. Bockenhagen at Kimmax (imp Deu) who is a super young chap and long overdue his title. Timo also took Best of Breed.

GWPC Meet the Breed Day 29 June 2008

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club have organised a 'Meet the Breed Day' for GWP enthusiasts.

The event is scheduled to open at 10.00 am on Sunday 29 June 2008.

There will be a (show) handling demonstration at 10.30 am

Falconry (with a GWP) and Working a GWP demonstrations from 11.00 am (and someone will be on hand to answer questions and give advice during the day on both subjects).

There will be a grooming demonstration at 11.45 am

The Clicker demonstration begins at 12.30 pm and again someone will be available throughout the day to give advice on obedience training.

Heather Rose is organising a ‘fun’ dog show which will commence at 1.00 pm.This consists of ten novelty classes (open to any breed), rosettes and prize cards will be awarded and possibly prizes for class winners and Best in Show. The cost is £2 per first entry and £1 for each subsequent entry with the same dog. Proceeds will be donated to Rescue. Entries taken on the day.

There will be a scurry which will commence at approximately 11.30 am and will continue throughout the day.

In addition there will be a Regalia Stand, a raffle, a tombola, and Tracy Cartwright will be available to speak about Cani Cross (which is dogs and owners doing cross country) and dogs who give blood donations.

Ian Roberts (GWPC National Rescue Co-ordinator) will be available to represent Rescue. Barbara Stamp (Tynsil) will also be available to answer any breed specific questions.

Refreshments will be available.

Dogs are welcome – whatever the breed.

Note the change of venue which is now Shirland Village Hall, Main Road, Shirland, near Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 6BB. Perhaps you could all make sure that friends who are interested in attending are aware that the venue has changed.

Further details from