Friday, 3 June 2011

Wales June 2011

This week, Gary and I trotted off to the Welsh Coast for a few days with a couple of the dogs but strangely, no children. They are all getting to the age now where going away to Wales with mom and dad really doesn't hold any appeal. Funny though how going away with two dogs feels very much like going away with two kids... we took Tilly, who just can't wait to play with any child who wanders her way and if they have a ball, all the better and Winnie who thoroughly enjoyed her romps through the dunes, not to mention chasing the little birds on the sand and paddling in the sea - then she is only two and Tilly is far too 'grown up' to chase birds and paddle!
We took a short hike into the Welsh hills - it was extremely hot and but for the breeze would have been way too hot for such a jaunt but the views from the top were breath taking - Barmouth and Porthmadog to the right and Tywyn to the left and behind uplands that felt like you were at the top of the world. We even came across the ruins of an old farm house that should Gary and I ever come up on the 'big one' on the Lottery, would be our next venture as we would both love to live in such a remote location with such phenomenal views.