Saturday, 20 November 2010

A chilly, damp and foggy day in autumn....

With too much studying to do Gary couldn't join our local shoot today, so instead what better way to spend a cold and damp autumn afternoon than snuggling-up in front of the woodburner with your wirey pal. So that's exactly what Gary and Lottie decided to do today... Now wires might live to hunt and love their food but they will also never say 'no' to a cuddle!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Winnie - Klancraig Artemis

We finally got five minutes to take a picture of Winnie in the yard today. She is nearly eighteen months of age and maturing into a beautiful young lady. She has the most delightful nature and is showing plenty of promise in the field. She has been shown sparingly this year but may appear in the showring more often in 2011 but more importantly, we plan to continue her training over the coming months in preparation for the Working Tests next year.

At last... its here

Well Gary has been chomping at the bit for weeks now waiting for the first day of our local shoot and today it has finally arrived and what a beautiful morning it is too - bright and warm. The dogs were all on their toes last night as Gary got his gear ready but sadly for them, they have been left behind this morning... all except Gary's trusty sidekick Fergus of course!
Eric (the gamekeeper) tells us that the shoot is covering new grounds this year and has more birds, so I look forward to catching up on all the news and listening to their exploits when I meet Gary down at the George and Dragon this afternoon.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Docked Breeds Campaign in the Dog World Newspaper

Wendy Oxman (Wendavia GWP's) has spearheaded a campaign in the Dog World publication, inviting owners of docked breeds to express their dissatisfaction at not being able to exhibit their legally docked dogs at Crufts.
We have funded an advert which will appear in Dog World in support of this campaign.
At Klancraig we intend to dock our puppies until the Government imposes an all out ban on docking. We may have only shown Winnie selectively this year but she has qualified for Crufts 2011 by winning Best Puppy in Breed at the National Dog Show in May. Ironic - and in our opinion unjust- that despite being legally docked, she cannot attend Crufts since the public pay a fee to enter the show.
Well done Wendy for starting this campaign - I believe she has already received enough support to fill seven pages in the paper, including an advert funded by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club.