Monday, 8 December 2014

The Bardantop Bumble

Following on from The Wenlock Wander was our gundog training group Christmas walk and dinner.
We have made such a lot of good friends through training our dogs and what a great way to celebrate the end of the year but walk amongst 20+ hprs running together across the fields:-)

The Wenlock Wander

This weekend was the Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre and for the last few years we have invited doggie friends to join us on a walk across the fields into Much Wenlock. It has become a bit of a tradition which a friend has now aptly nick named The Wenlock Wander where we mooch around the Fayre,  meet up in The George & Dragon for a swift pint before wending our way home for a hot meal. It's fab meeting up with friends that we often don't see from one year to the next and 14 hprs turning up in Wenlock en masse does always cause quite a stir :-)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

First Day of the Shoot

Yesterday saw the first day of the Shoot and I can't believe how quickly it has come around. Whilst she is still very keen to go Bronte probably would not manage a whole day. Gary will on occasions take Bronte and Flash but today was Winnie's turn. Gary and Winnie were picking up and Gary said Winnie Woo was a star, even working amongst sheep which we were delighted about given that she has not had any training around stock. As we always do, we rounded the day off in The George & Dragon, sharing ' first day on the shoot tales' with our friends and treating the dogs to a bag of scratchings:-)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


This is Gretta, she is three years old and spayed and she is looking for a new home.

Gretta was raised on a small holding with a male GWP, a male yorkshire terrier, two female border terriers and an assortment of other animals including cat(s), ducks, chickens, sheep, donkeys and horses. Unfortunately she did not get on with the yorkie and her owners felt it best to return her to us so that we could find her a new home.
With the basics of sit, stay and recall already in place we have introduced her to the whistle and started some basic gundog training both of which she is picking up really quickly. She heels on the lead very well but pulls a little if she has doggie company. We are now working on extending recall.
She is enjoying the company of Flash her litter brother and is very friendly around people, has a quiet manner in the house, happy to be crated when we go out but does not like being shut in the garden on her own.
We are looking for a home for Gretta with experienced GWP owners or people who have experience of similar strong minded breeds, where she won't be left for long periods of time and would be well exercised. Ideally as an only pet or with a male canine companion.
It would be lovely if she went to a new home with new owners who were interested in continuing her training, although being a loved family companion is number one priority. A calm, structured environment would allow her to thrive.
If you would like to speak to us about Gretta please see our contact details on our website

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bronte is Twelve Today

Bronte celebrated her twelfth birthday today, still looking as beautiful as ever. We are hoping that she may still make some of the shoot days with Gary this season but realise that although the spirit is still very much willing (and boy oh boy will we know about it if she gets left behind), she is slowing down and a whole day may just be too much... problem is, can't see her taking kindly to being left in the car during the morning if Gary takes another dog out and can't expect her to stay wet and cold in the car in the afternoon if Gary swaps dogs at lunch time... what to do? Only time will tell...

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club Open Show October 2014

The end of September brought with it the GWPC Open Show. It was glorious weather for late September and the show was well supported, the ringside atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the catering was excellent.
We were delighted to win Reserve Best Bitch in Show with Coco under judge Mrs Mandy Geary and delighted to take second place with both Coco and Winnie in two well supported 'specials' classes under judge Mr Roger Mann.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Working Test

September saw the last of our working tests for this year the hosts being the HWVA. We all ran in Novice under judges Mr Geoff Saint and Mr Stephen Robson, Gary with Winnie, Ian with Louie and I ran Coco but sadly on this occasion, Gail and Isla couldn't join us. This was a great event last year and just as enjoyable this year... well organised and friendly and lots of fun.
Gary and Winnie had a good day coming 6th with Ian and Louie in hot pursuit in 7th place. Unfortunately despite gaining a respectable score (actually beating both her mum and brother) Coco was not placed as she failed a test by running in on the retrieve on the hunt.
All in all it's been a good year on the working front, we have enjoyed training with Chris and Peter Guest (Bardantop Gundogs) and have finished knowing exactly what we all have to improve on in time for the working tests next year. Hopefully autumn and winter training and maybe the odd appearance on the local shoot may help.
Below are some photographs taken by Workingline Images at the Little Dalby working test in August:




Monday, 4 August 2014

Fun Weekend

Gary and I spent the weekend in the company of our friends Rob and Mandy Geary. On Saturday Mandy, Rob and I travelled down to Paignton for the Paignton & District Fanciers' Association Championship Dog Show where I showed Coco and Winnie under judge Barbara Stamp. Both girls behaved impeccably and showed beautifully and both won a respectable 2nd place in very strong classes and I was delighted to see Coco' s sire Vader (Layasway Dark Sunrise) be awarded the Reserve Dog Ticket. He's a lovely boy and in my opinion this award is long overdue.
We travelled back home on Saturday night for a tasty chilli which Gary had cooked and put the world to rights over a few glasses of wine before an early night, shattered from an early start and lots of travelling.
Sunday saw another early departure, this time to Malvern for The National Gundog Association champ show where I showed Coco under judge Mrs P Butler-Holley.
All-in-all a great weekend. My girls enjoyed their days out and did me proud and I enjoyed beautiful weather, good company and catching up on all the ringside gossip, not to mention seeing the quality of what is being shown in wires at the moment.

Monday, 28 July 2014

GSPA Working Test Little Dalby

What a great day at the GSPA Working Test at Little Dalby with Gary and Ian and Jayne, sadly Gail couldn't enter. The weather was kind to us, hot but with a welcome breeze and plenty of shade. The water was sufficiently challenging for a novice test - slippy entry, plenty of weeds and lillies to swim through and a step up to get back onto the bank. Great hunting too with each dog having separate ground to work and changing wind direction.
Thrilled to say that Coco scored a respectable 80/100 on the day and although she wasn't in in the cards she was joint 6th. She scored 20/20 on her seen retrieve which we thought was relatively straight forward but saw a number of dogs fail, including Winnie who preempted Gary's command and ran in. That said Coco fluffed an easy blind retrieve which I had to handle her onto which goes to show that you never can tell... What do they say about dogs being great levellers!?!
Winnie had a good day on the water, hunting and a 19/20 on her blind but threw it away on the seen retrieve which was frustrating for Gary as she did the whole exercise without fault other than waiting for the okay from the judge to go... All it took was Gary to straighten his back and shoulders and she took it as a sign to get out - just goes to show how quick dogs are to read our body language.
Ian and Louie had another good outing scoring a fabulous 77/100. They completed all four tests well, just dropping an odd mark here and there but with no major errors. Considering that Louie is the first gundog that Ian has trained and worked we are delighted with their steady progress and feel that it is only a matter of time before all their hard work really starts to pay off.
Above all, we all had a really enjoyable day amongst good friends, watching our dogs do what they were bred to do, in beautiful sunshine, on wonderful grounds.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


This is Ted - Klancraig Lord Blackadder - doing what Ted does best:-)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jäger and Otto

Two handsome boys, Jäger (Klancraig Making It Kount) and Otto (Klancraig Apollo). Jäger is Winnie' s son and Otto is her brother.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bruce and Meg

Here are some images of Bruce (Klancraig Hermes) and Meg (Klancraig Lady Kordelia). Bruce is litter brother to our own Winnie and Meg is litter sister to Flash. Bruce runs cani-cross.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tilly - June 2014

18 June - Coco's 2nd Birthday

In June my beautiful Coco - Klancraig Making A Komeback, celebrated her second birthday along with siblings Bella, Jäger and Louie.
This little girl is my constant companion and shadow and a joy to train and work...and she makes my heart melt :-)

7 June - Goodbye to Ollie

7 June was a dark day in the Klancraig household as we had to say goodbye to our handsome, gentle, cheeky old boy Ollie - Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig.
This boy like his sire before him, Fergus - Ch Kimmax No Kompromise For Klancraig - had the most wonderful temperament. He had lived his whole life mixing with entire males and females and was never any trouble. He loved people and anyone who came to our home adored him. Having only been given the thumbs up by the vet a few weeks earlier, we were hoping to enjoy another summer in his company but it wasn't to be.
Run free at The Bridge Ollie Wollie XX

Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig 19.04.2001 - 07.06.2014

25 May - The Hungarian Vizsla Society Working Test

We had a lovely day at The HVS Working Test in June. After a thorough soaking the previous day at training, the weather was dry and bright. I think Winnie had been on the blue smarties as she crashed and burned in the hunting, winding something and going off on a jolly. Then she completely fluffed the blind that on a normal day she would have walked. She redeemed herself on the seen and water but too little too late and so she and Gary were not in the cards.
Gail handled the lovely Isla, first time in Novice for them both and both did very well. Ian took Louie and they gave a very respectable performance. Both of these handlers and dogs are ones to watch in the future I think.
Meanwhile I had a leisurely day spectating with Bronte, as Coco was at home in season.

18 May - Winnie's Fifth Birthday

Winnie was five years old on 18 May. She has matured into such a beautiful young lady, very loving and eager to please and continues to do well with her gundog training with her partner in crime Gary. Hopefully she will make an appearance at one or two shows and working tests this summer and maybe even accompany Gary on the local shoot over the winter months.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

German Wirehaired Pointer Club Working Test

This time last weekend Gary and I were just settling down for the evening after attending the German Wirehaired Pointer Club Working Test. Gary ran Winnie, I ran Coco and Ian ran Louie (Gail and Isla were unable to go). We all ran in Novice under judge Jonathan Holmes and for Coco and Louie, it was a first time in Novice after Puppy.
The first two tests proved to be a challenge so Winnie, Coco and Louie were not in the cards on this occasion but none of them failed any of the tests and in fact gained respectable marks on the remaining tests that afternoon.
It was a great day out, lovely ground, the company of some friendly dog people and the opportunity to watch some good dogs working. Well done to the German Wirehaired Pointer Club for organising such a good event.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ollie's Birthday

April saw another cause for celebration... Ollie' s 13th birthday.

Ollie is a grand old chap but in ways quite frail, so we definitely make the most of our time with him. Anyone who knows us at Klancraig, knows that we raw feed and part of our diet is whole bone. Ollie has reached an age where digesting whole bone is not so easy, so we have substituted this with mince containing bone. The upside is that he seems to be more comfortable and is obviously getting all the goodness he needs from this mince, the downside is that we are having to keep a closer eye on his dental health as he is not having whole bone to keep his teeth clean but then scaling his teeth from time to time really isn't a problem.
Happy birthday old boy... and here's looking forward to enjoying a lazy summer with you in the garden.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Happy Birthday Tilly

Today is Tilly's 9th birthday. Tilly is mum to the beautiful Winnie, handsome Flash and grandma to the gorgeous Coco. Happy birthday Tilly...

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April Birthdays

April brings with it several doggy birthdays in the Klancraig household beginning with the 7th birthday of my beautiful girls Lottie and Indie....

Happy birthday also to Chunky, Kizzy, Ottie, Bryony, Dilise, Hebe, Fennel, Milo, Jake, Luccë and Murphy.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

This is a link to a page on the Imbali Rhodesian Ridgebacks website on which you will find a page dedicated to Diatomaceous Earth which is an eco-friendly, naturally organic material which can be used as an alternative to chemical wormers.
I started to feed this to my dogs about a month ago but not actually for it's use as a wormer but because it has many other health benefits including aiding mobility. So for this reason I wanted to try it to maintain healthy mobility in my older dogs.
Already I can see an improvement in Ollie who is suffering with the joints in his back legs but I was also pleasantly surprised on checking his ears to see that the ear in which he has had an on-going infection was dry and relatively clean of debris.
I will certainly be continuing with this product and monitoring it's affects amongst my dogs.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Tonight I have put together my first order from Raw2Paw. I have always said to people who enquire about raw feeding that it is as easy or complicated, cheap or expensive as you wish to make it but as a raw feeder who owns a number of dogs and wants to feed them a wide variety of bones and minces, the cost can begin to creep up as each supplier has their own range, minimum order and delivery fee which means that if cost does not become prohibitive, freezer space can. Raw2Paw supply a range of raw foods from a selection of well known companies which enables you to feed a wider range of foods. Prices seem to compare favourably, as does the cost of delivery. On this occasion I have opted for turkey mince, oily fish mince, pork and tripe mince, tripe and duck mince and minced game although there was plenty more to choose from.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Feeding Raw Green Tripe

Below is an interesting article which outlines some of the benefits of feeding raw green tripe...

We have fed our dogs raw tripe for many years and are lucky to have recently found a new supplier who produces a high quality, coarsely minced raw green tripe which I believe has helped to maintain the weight of my dogs during the winter months and has attributed to their healthy condition.
If you are fairly local to Telford in Shropshire, you may wish to contact Richard Aston of Eternalpride Bullmastiffs. Richard also sells boxes of fresh, raw, human grade chicken carcasses.
Richard can be contacted on 07971554974 or through FB search for Richard Aston Eternalpride Bullmastiffs.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Training in Evesham

Last weekend saw the end of the shooting season and Gary and I are very proud of the fact that even at 11 years of age Bronte managed a whole season never missing a day and without injury.We are also thrilled that Ian accompanied Gary each time, making the hour and a half journey from Stoke on Trent and back again at the end of the day, every Friday/Saturday throughout the season and like Bronte, didn't miss a day. Unlike Bronte, Ian did however have a few injuries arising from a succession of falls but luckily, nothing serious.
I am really looking forward to picking up on the shoot next season with Coco who I am sure will benefit from the experience and although Gary and I don't plan to retire Bronte just yet, we both realise that we need to bring one of the youngsters on, so now Gary has to decide whether to take Flash or Winnie... time will tell.
With the shooting season behind us, this weekend saw the first training session of 2014 but 'sods law' I had working commitments which prevented me attending with Coco, however Gary took Winnie, Ian and Jayne took Louie and Gail took Isla to ground in Evesham for a Hunting and Pointing training day on English Partridge. Luckily despite all the recent rain, the weather was dry but by all accounts very windy. Training went well and all three handlers came away with a better understanding of the weaknesses that they have to work on with their dogs. Trainer Chris Guest was very complimentary of Isla and I feel we are going to see some lovely work from this little girl over the summer months.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Manchester Champ Show 2014

This weekend saw the first Champ show on our show calendar - Manchester, where despite there being no tickets, judge Brenda Banbury had a very good entry of 32. We entered Winnie (Klancraig Artemis) and Coco (Klancraig Making A Komeback) and Ian and Jayne entered Louie (Klancraig Make Mine A Double). Unfortunately Winnie came into season just days before so despite looking stunning got to stay at home. Louie however won a first and Coco a very respectable second.